Inspired by Nature

Everything about our products is a promise to Nature, from their formulation to the packaging design. Starting from our three-ingredient pure oil blend to its scented versions of Lavender and Rose, we focused on enclosing a sense of simplicity and integrity that only Mother Nature can provide. We wanted to donate that feeling of deep wellness every time you massage the oils through your body, either you are starting your day or ending it, at home or elsewhere. Or our first and best seller omega 3 product, a vegan cruelty-free alternative to fish oil, fill to the brim with super healthy DHA and EPA from microalgae. With it we strive to provide a product that is respectful of the marine ecosystem and the living beings while providing general support for your brain, heart and eyes.

We think of every single product as a gift for you, a chance to love and take care of yourself. This is why they come only with what you would like to have inside and outside your body: natural and pure ingredients. You won’t find any synthetic or harmful preservative.

Nothing added, just lots of Love.

Alchemist1962 is a small company with a big goal: to make use of the abundance of ingredients that Nature gives us, to create products that will take care of you, heal and strengthen you.


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